About the Drug

My role as a caregiver is really complex. I must play many roles: pharmacist, personal caregiver, behavior manager and advocate. People just don't realize how much is involved in caring for someone with Alzheimer's – there's little time for me to get the support I need. However, joining a clinical trial for my loved one has helped me understand Alzheimer's better. The medical team takes time to explain things, and above all with no effective medicines that stop the decline I am hoping that this medicine will make a difference. We can only do this by getting involved and that's what I'm doing.”
— [United Kingdom]

The study drug, LMTX™, is a new advance in the treatment of Alzheimer's. Called a tau aggregation inhibitor [TAI], LMTX™ aims to target the formation of a hallmark sign of dementia - tau tangles. These tangles develop inside brain cells and eventually ‘strangle’ them. The tangles were first described by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in 1906 and the disease was later named after him. Since that time, scientists have been studying tau tangles and confirmed their role in Alzheimer’s. Now, this clinical study will seek to confirm the results of an earlier study and confirm that LMTX™ can dissolve these tangles and stop the disease’s progression.

LMTX™ is in a tablet form and is taken twice daily. It is a 'second generation' TAI with improved absorption with food, tolerability and safety.